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Why you should transcribe your audio content

Thanks to AI it's easy to turn your audio into text these days.

If you create content in audio and video you can benefit from creating a text based version.

Once you have the text you can use Chat GPT to create

  • Summaries
  • Twitter threads
  • Blog posts
  • Subtitles for videos
  • Repurposing content


Turning your audio into text gives you another piece of content that can boost your reach. The summary can be created in no time. Just take your transcript and put it into Chat GPT and prompt it to summarise it.

If you're a podcaster the summary could go into your show notes or on your episode page.

Twitter threads

Share the main points of your podcast with your Twitter audience. A Tweet thread will reduce your transcript considerably. My recommendation is to make a summary first and then squeeze it into a Twitter thread.

Blog posts

By transcribing your audio content, you essentially have a ready-made blog post. It saves you time and effort in creating new content from scratch. Additionally, having a text version of your audio content makes it accessible to a wider audience. Some people prefer reading over listening, and by providing a transcription, you cater to their preferences and expand your reach.

Subtitles for Videos

If you create video content, adding subtitles can greatly enhance the viewing experience for your audience. Not only do subtitles make your videos more accessible to individuals with hearing impairments, but they also benefit those who prefer to watch videos without sound or in noisy environments. By transcribing your audio and incorporating the text as subtitles, you ensure that your message reaches a broader audience and maintains engagement. SEO Benefits

Transcribing your audio content has search engine optimization (SEO) advantages. Search engines rely on text-based content to understand and index web pages effectively. By providing a transcription, you give search engines more textual information to analyze, which can improve your content's visibility and search rankings. Moreover, including relevant keywords in your transcription can further enhance your SEO efforts and attract organic traffic to your website or blog.

Repurposing Content

Transcriptions also enable you to repurpose your audio content in various ways. For instance, you can transform your podcast episodes or interviews into written Q&A-style blog posts. You can extract key insights and quotes from the transcript to create engaging social media graphics or shareable infographics. The possibilities are endless when you have a text version of your audio content, allowing you to reach different platforms and audiences.


Transcribing your audio content opens up a world of possibilities. It not only provides you with an additional piece of content but also expands your reach, improves accessibility, and enhances your SEO efforts. With the help of AI-powered tools like Chat GPT, converting audio to text has become easier than ever before. So why not embrace the power of transcription and unlock the full potential of your audio content? Start transcribing today and discover the multitude of benefits that await you.